Warranty Policy

All orders from Optical2020 are covered under 1 year manufacturer warranty.

Unless stated otherwise, all Optical2020 warranty claims must be submitted through us. We will accpet the defective glasses at our address and ship them for you to the manufacturer for repair or exchange.

What is Covered Under Warranty

Standard warranty covers manufacturer and production defets on the glasses frames and lenses. While not explicitly described by manufacturers, usually production defects are surface stability. For example paint durability.

What is Not Covered Under Warranty

Any wear and tear or human made damage. Scratches, bends and chips are not covered. 
Plastic glasses frames often have ultra thin surface lines, that are not scratches. Hand made acetate is polished by hand and would have polishing signs. Scratches are deep lines that can be felt by finger.

How to Submit a Warranty Claim

If you suspect a manufacturing defect, please e-mail us the description of the issue along with supporting photos. We will be able to evaluate whether the issue is covered by the warranty and if yes, will provide the insturction to how to ship glasses to us.

Warranty Processing Charges

Optical2020.com does not charge any fees to assist you with the warranty claim. You would need to ship the eyeglasses to us at your own expense and pay the return shipping. We will instruct you on how to pay for shipping.

Warranty Processing Time

Warranty Processing usually takes 2-4 weeks from the day of receiving your glasses in the mail. Most of warranty glasses are stored at the manufacturer head office warehouse (often overseas in Italy, Denmark, China). It takes time to ship your glasses to them and receive them back. Please be patient and understanding.